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192 Kbps Connection

Our highest quality connection for high speed internet

Events & Updates

Posted on February 21, 2012
We now have a request line for the show. Text or leave a request and we will recieve it during the live show or use the form below. (see the top of the home page for the number)

Posted on February 21, 2012
Now on Wednesdays tune in to the "Featured Show". 12pm to 6pm (US Pacific). Each week a different dj is selected and his or her mixes are featured for the entire show. You can access the Show Calendar and RSS Feed by the calendar page link.



Tune in to some of our Past Shows that are available 24/7. Featured Dj Shows, Featured Shows, Special Shows and more. These shows are also available for free download.

192 Kbps

When you tune in to the show by 192k you are connecting to the live stream which requires a high speed connection on your pc. Cable, DSL or higher speeds. The 192k connection is the highest quality connection PFR offers. The audio quality of 192k is very good for tuning in to the show. If you are able to connect by 192k this would be the best choice as far as audio quality is concerned. If your connection is slower or you experience drop outs or delays try our 64kbps bandwith on the home page. This connection is closer to dial-up but is still a good quality bitrate. The 64k will also be ideal for mobile device connection such as iphones, androids, or other similar devices.

See 64kbps Page